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Are you looking for ways to elevate your smoking experience? A glass or acrylic pipe is the way to go. Texas T Smoke Raiders carries a large inventory of pipes for you to browse in Lubbock, TX. Feel free to ask a member of our staff to help you choose the right model.

From hand-blown glass pipes to acrylic pipes of all sizes, we have just the right accessory to personalize your smoking sessions. We carry water pipes such as rigs and bubblers or your standard dry pipe.

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Why should you consider using a water pipe?

Why should you consider using a water pipe?

Whether you're purchasing a hand-blown glass or acrylic pipe, the biggest decision you'll need to make is between water pipes or dry varieties. Dry pipes have been around forever, but water pipes have several important benefits like:

  • Less irritation in your throat
  • Reduced toxins and unwanted substances
  • Better varieties and modifications

You'll want to clean a water pipe more regularly though, especially if you have one of our nicer hand-blown glass pipes. Contact us today for a crash course on how to properly care for your pipes.